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Randal Falcone

Randal Falcone

I was born in Baytown, Texas back in the summer of ’84. Ever since then, I began creating. From woodworking, painting, writing, and playing music, building models, furniture, and even homes in my later years.
My mother remarried and it forced us to move to the state of Wisconsin. Therefore, I spent my entire high school years in a block schedule district located in the small town of Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Rolling hills and highly diverse wildlife system sparked my imagination! I then began to keep a daily journal and log all of my thoughts! Years later, I am able to look back into pages of history, inventions, and designs.

I began tattooing in the small town of Liberty, Texas. After years of studying the appropriate methods of tattooing with the help of several very gifted tattooists, from South Carolina to California, I found myself back home. I now reside and tattoo in College Station, Texas. I am also a student at the Academy of Arts University out of California obtaining my Bachelor’s in Visual Development.



May 1, 2023